Thursday, May 28, 2015

Transition to new URL name

The Campaign Finance Reformers Blog has heretofore been published using the URL name .

MAYDAY.US has requested that  this URL name be changed so that the URL name does not include "mayday." To accommodate MAYDAY's request, I am changing the URL name to

Blog postings in  The Campaign Finance Reformers Blog will hereafter be made using the URL name

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Hopefully this transition to the URL name will be reasonably seamless, and broken Internet links will be avoided in the transition.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Do you agree with the MAYDAY Team?

In the past week, I tweeted about frustration with MAYDAY's congressional calling campaign, and suggested that an impediment was MAYDAY's unwillingness to confront, decide and state expressly on its website what limitations there are on MAYDAY's efforts by reason of the Federal campaign finance "coordination" rules. (See MAYDAY and the "coordination" rules.)

Two reply tweets I received prompted me to post How do you build a movement? and to tweet links to that.

Today I received the below tweet from the MAYDAY Team saying I was banned for spamming.

Ten days ago I posted Spreading MAYDAY via Twitter, which sought to obtain discussion and views about my tweeting. This was not the first time I tried to put the same up for discussion.

Now that the MAYDAY Team has spoken and said I have been banned for spamming, I wish to resume solicitation of discussion about this matter.

To me it seems that it should be fairly easy for you to make your own evaluation of this.

First, evaluate for yourself how you think the MAYDAY Team and its use of the social media are doing as MAYDAY goes about trying to "rally the most effective, targeted citizen lobbying campaign we can to close the gap on reform," having as a goal to recruit 70 members of Congress to support fundamental reform.  In making your evaluation, you might find helpful How is the MAYDAY rally going?

Please note the "Help us recruit more people to help" request in 3. Spread the Word of the "Take Action" webpage on the MAYDAY site, and see what you can find in the MAYDAY social media evidencing recruiting efforts (other than by myself) going on for MAYDAY.

Compare the messaging that MAYDAY team has done with the messaging I have done by means of my tweeting.

My tweeting has attracted a great deal of interest from MAYDAY supporters and supporters of other campaign finance reform organizations. This interest has been manifested by hundreds of retweets, favoritings, follows, etc., and thousands of page views of links to my blog that I have been tweeting. A partial listing of blog entries and numbers of page views is as follows:

If you want to go outside the box   164 page views
Start your district's CFR campaign this weekend   566 page views
You be a Congressional candidate   503 page views
Help MAYDAY's Congressional calling campaign   539 page views
Report on #TweetToDefeatMoney   365 page views
#TweetToDefeatMoney, Tweet Sheet 1   621 page views
MAYDAY's 2015 plan and public mobilization   1863 page views
I tweet to defeat the money monster   1193 page views
To campaign finance reform organizations   819 page views
Update for reweeters, etc.   1261 page views
Tweet to defeat the money monster   2508 page views
Tweeting launch of stage two   1175 page views

I have informed MAYDAY and the MAYDAY team many times about my tweeting and about the interest my tweeting was attracting from MAYDAY supporters and from supporters of other campaign finance reform organizations. MAYDAY never expressed any encouragement of my work or any interest in the positive results my work was achieving, and steadfastly declined to engage in any discussion about the benefits versus disadvantages of my tweeting.

As indicated in How do you build a movement?, I was prepared to chalk up MAYDAY's nonresponsiveness to limitations MAYDAY felt it was constrained by under the Federal campaign finance "coordination" rules.

The MAYDAY team has now said, no, that is not the reason, and I have been banned because of my spamming.

I acknowledge that some people have strong negative reactions to receiving unsolicited tweets from tweeters they do not know, and some of those people may even oppose campaign finance reform because I have tweeted to them. This has been very minuscule in my experience.

That very small downside needs to be weighed against the benefit of inspiring greater interest and activism by MAYDAY supporters and other campaign finance reformers, and ultimately of spreading the MAYDAY name and the cause of campaign finance reform to the public generally. I cite the foregoing interest that my tweeting has attracted as demonstrating the benefits of the tweeting I am doing. You can do your own evaluation.

Update 5/27

Sunday, May 24, 2015

How do you build a movement?

During the past few days, I have been tweeting about frustration with MAYDAY's congressional calling campaign, and suggesting that an impediment is MAYDAY's unwillingness to confront, decide and state expressly on its website what limitations there are on MAYDAY's efforts in 2015 by reason of the Federal campaign finance "coordination" rules. (See MAYDAY and the "coordination" rules.)

Two reply tweets I received used the word "movement." One of the reply tweets said "MAYDAY's a movement & not a campaign [I had used word 'campaign']." Professor Lessig was included as a recipient of this reply tweet, and he did a retweet of the reply tweet. 

A second reply tweet said, "MAYDAY's grass roots movement is to stop big dark money from controlling our government. Your point confounds."

OK, let's discuss, "How do you build a movement?"

I have been trying arduously to contribute to "building a movement."

Please take a look at my blog entry To campaign finance reform organizations and click through some of the links set forth there. I think the same shows hard work by myself in trying to contribute to "building a movement."

For my hard work, I got no response from MAYDAY. See Report on #TweetToDefeatMoney.

What is the explanation for this?

I was prepared to chalk it up to the limitations on MAYDAY by reason of the "coordination" rules (per my discussion at MAYDAY and the "coordination" rules).

If that, in the words of the second reply tweet, "confounds" regarding "MAYDAY's grass roots movement . . . to stop big dark money from controlling our government," then I am confounded.

How can MAYDAY be so unresponsive to my I tweet to defeat the money monster efforts, as well as to other things I have been trying to do to help build a movement?

Please tell me.

Update 5/26 

See Do you agree with the MAYDAY Team?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MAYDAY and "coordination" rules

There is frustration with MAYDAY's congressional calling campaign. See I'm frustrated and confused. Are we too lazy to reform government?

I suggest that an impediment is MAYDAY's unwillingness to confront, decide and state expressly on its website what limitations there are on MAYDAY's efforts in 2015 by reason of the Federal campaign finance "coordination" rules.

The reason I say this is that such unwillingness is keeping people from knowing about efforts being made by persons who are or may become Congressional candidates themselves, and people are further unaware that MAYDAY is not encouraging the efforts of these persons, even though these persons can contribute much more than average to MAYDAY's cause.

If people were informed about the foregoing, they could be more encouraged about MAYDAY's objectives, than is manifested by the above I'm frustrated and confused. Are we too lazy to reform government? topic appearing on the Reddit.

Update 5/21

For current examples and information about efforts I am making that MAYDAY has not been encouraging about (presumably because of the "coordination" rules), see Spreading MAYDAY via Twitter and How is the MAYDAY rally going?

I believe, until MAYDAY decides and informs people what limitations there are on MAYDAY's actions by reason of the "coordination" rules, people will be ignorant or have distorted views about what MAYDAY is and is not doing in its campaign and whether there are things that need to be done outside of MAYDAY (because of the limitations on MAYDAY).

Update 5/22

I had this tweet interchange today:

Professor Lessig retweeted Anna Brock's tweet, which I interpret as Professor Lessig adapting her tweet as his response as well to what I said in my tweet (including the link).

I am not sure how the response tweet should be interpreted.

As to whether a "movement" or a "campaign" is involved, Professor Lessig's email announcing the plan for 2015 said, "We are going to rally the most effective, targeted citizen lobbying campaign  [emphasis supplied] we can to close the gap on reform."

I don't think MAYDAY supporters have been well informed about the limitations on MAYDAY's conduct of its campaign growing out of the campaign finance "coordination" rules.

Perhaps MAYDAY does not think the limitations are of practical significance, and further thinks such limitations are so insignificant that MAYDAY supporters don't need to know what the limitations are, and MAYDAY need not say on its website (all as MAYDAY is interpreting the "coordination" rules for itself).

The starting limitation seems to be that Congressional candidates may not post on the MAYDAY social media or are subject to censoring by MAYDAY without supporters being informed about the censoring that is going on.

The foregoing leads to MAYDAY supporters being restricted in getting information about what Congressional candidates are doing and advocating to advance MAYDAY's objective, and about what MAYDAY internally thinks about the same, including whether or not MAYDAY believes particular actions or advocacy to be beneficial, or not, and should be encouraged and supported, or not. MAYDAY's silence on such matters is subject to misinterpretation by supporters, very likely in a negative way that MAYDAY's silence is to be interpreted as MAYDAY disapproving of particular actions or advocacy.

Let me give an example. There was a post have you called Congress yet? why not? three days ago on the Reddit. The post indicates that there was 1 comment, but that comment is not there now. The comment was by me, and it indicated the tweeting I had been doing to solicit Congressional calling by using the hashtags  #readyforbernie and  #StampStampede, as is described in How is the MAYDAY rally going?

The comment was deleted by MAYDAY, and the deletion restricted supporters from learning about the tweeting I was doing, and from forming their own views about the type of tweeting I was doing, and deciding to do it themselves, or not.

Equally significant is that MAYDAY supporters are deprived of knowing what MAYDAY thinks about the tweeting I am doing.

MAYDAY supporters can decide for themselves whether they think any of the above is important for them to know, and whether they are being restricted in learning about the same.

Update 5/24

See How do you build a movement?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spreading MAYDAY via Twitter

Your comments and suggestions are solicited about the use of Twitter to spread MAYDAY's name and message.

I am particularly interested in your views on the massive sending of unsolicited directed tweets to large numbers of Twitter users whom one does not know.

In the past year I have sent more than 25,000 tweets. Many of them have been sent by using Twitter follower lists, and sending the same tweet message to scores or hundreds of followers appearing on a Twitter follower list. In doing this, I have used many different follower lists. Also, I have been using hashtags and sending directed tweets to persons who tweet using a hashtag.

For months, I have been urging other campaign finance reformers to send tweets in the same way as I have been doing.

You can find recent examples of my tweeting described in my preceding blog entry How is the MAYDAY rally going?

If you are a MAYDAYer or other campaign finance reformer, what do you think of how the cause and the message you espouse are getting spread on Twitter if people are limiting themselves to tweets and retweets that are going only to their Twitter followers?

I acknowledge there is some spreading effect of tweets and retweets going to people's followers, but it seems slow and limited compared to massive direct tweeting to people who are not one's own followers.

I do not know of any other campaign finance reformers who have been sending tweets in the way I have been doing the past year.

I think if other campaign finance reformers started sending tweets the way I have been doing, there could be meaningful expansion of getting the cause and message out to the public.

What do you think?


Friday, May 8, 2015

How is the MAYDAY rally going?

On May 1st, MAYDAY announced its plan to "rally the most effective, targeted citizen lobbying campaign we can to close the gap on reform," having as a goal to recruit 70 members of Congress to support fundamental reform.  See Lawrence Lessig’s email announcing the plan for 2015

In response, there have a couple hundred tweets by supporters using the hashtag #Leader4Reform and having the message, "Help recruit 70 more congressional leaders committed to fight political corruption. ."

Yesterday, on the MAYDAYPAC Facebook page, Lee Woodsmall posted:
Hey! I want to know: Why haven't you called Congress yet? Why won't you call Congress? What would make you call Congress? Chances are, if you're reading this, you haven't done it. But it's what we need, and I want to know what we can do to motivate more people to get involved. I get it, calling Congress isn't sexy. It probably isn't your definition of fun. But it's the only thing they listen to other than $. We don't have $ to give, but we have our voice. Why not lend it to the cause? No wrong answers; I want honest feedback. Thanks!
Also, MAYDAY has called special attention to a post of a new supporter telling how she came to make a decision to call her Senators and Congresspeople. See Call my Senators and Congresspeople!? Gulp.

Most of the past week's postings on the MAYDAY Reddit have been "News & Views."

For a couple weeks prior to May 1st, the MAYDAY team had a topic posted on Reddit Seeking citizen input on MAYDAY's goals in 2015. The topic was kept at the head of the Reddit and received many comments and replies from supporters, who put forth numerous ideas and suggestions. When the May 1st announcement was made, the topic was demoted to a position on the second page of the Reddit listing. In the past week, the topic has received only one additional posting.

The postings on the MAYDAY.US Facebook page and the MAYDAYPAC group page  have been largely informational, and little "rallying" has gone on, by MAYDAY and supporters who have posted on the Facebook pages.

I pay particular attention to Twitter. During the past week, I have been watching the hashtags #getmoneyout, #maydayus, #maydaypac, #Leader4Reform and #readyforbernie.

I think other organizations and persons, and their supporters, are showing more activity and interest on Twitter than are MAYDAY and its supporters.
I think MAYDAY''s call to action could and should be doing better.

Update 5/10

I am continuing the tweeting I started a week ago, which tweeting is indicated at

There are still tweeters tweeting about standing with Ben & Jerry against stupid tax cuts using the hashtag #getmoneyout. To them, I am tweeting "Those who stand with B&J against tax cuts should #CallCongress with #maydayus to "get money out.""

To tweeters using the #readyforbernie hashtag, I am tweeting, "Those who are ready for Bernie should call Congress for MAYDAY.US to "get money out." "

Only MAYDAY is in a position to investigate the extent to which my tweets have resulted in click throughs to the webpage. I estimate between 1 in 10 to 1 in 5 of the recipients have responded with a retweet, favoriting, follow, etc.

I have no idea at this time whether my tweeting will produce any Congressional calling by recipients of my tweets.

Update 5/11

Today, I replied on Twitter to numerous persons who evidenced interest in my tweet solicitations, and I included @MAYDAYUS on my reply so MAYDAY could see what results I was achieving.

I will be an interested observer of whether the job position of Lead Developer for which MAYDAY posted a solicitation this afternoon at will give MAYDAY a boost.

Update 5/13

The #getmoneyout hashtag continues very active. Yesterday evening I sent to the most recent tweeters who used #getmoneyout this tweet from me: "Please help "get money out" and call Congress for #MAYDAYUS.". I got responses back from some indicating interest, and I will pass these along to MAYDAY.

Also, yesterday, Lee Woodsmall's above post on Facebook was put on the Reddit as well, at

Further, MAYDAY initiated a weekly Citizen Town Hall on Tuesday evenings. Yesterday's Town Hall can be viewed at In the Town Hall it was reported that 2400 people have signed the Lessig/McKinnon letter, 2500 persons have signed on as volunteers, and over 500 calls have been made to Representatives.

Update 5/14

Now I am sending to tweeters who have used the #StampStampede hashtag this tweet: "Stamping stampeders should also call Congress with #maydayus to "get money out."

Monday, May 4, 2015

If you want to go outside the box

On May 1st, MAYDAY launched its 2015 citizens' lobbying campaign to recruit 70 more members of the House of Representatives to support fundamental reform.

MAYDAY has set forth this Take Action protocol for citizen participation in the campaign.

There is plenty for MAYDAY supporters to do there.

If that does not satisfy and you would like to do more (go outside the box), I would like to throw something out for you.

I think most agree that "fundamental reform" is a long shot. It is a long shot for MAYDAY, and it is a long shot for other campaign finance reform organizations that are hard at work on their various agendas for bringing about change.

I would like to think that anything that adds to the collective efforts can help.

I would like to add something related to MAYDAY's objective of recruiting 70 more members of Congress to support fundamental reform.

Members of Congress have hundreds of appeals lapping at them from their constituents. The prime motivation of these Congresspersons was to get into office, and their prime motivation is to stay there. They are most responsive to their calculations of what will help accomplish that.

"Fundamental reform" comes down to said calculations, meaning that "fundamental reformists" need to maximize impressing on the members of Congress that "this will affect you."

"Fundamental reformists" are competing with hundreds of others in importuning their Congresspersons about many things.

The adage of "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" should guide "fundamental reformists."

A focal point for the "squeaking" by "fundamental reformists" is, I believe, very beneficial.

Consider Bernie Sanders getting into the Presidential race. If you are a "fundamental reformist," aren't you going to look for ways to synergize your messaging with Bernie's candidacy?

Think about it, and decide for yourself what you think of the benefit (or not) of having a candidate to be a focal point for campaign finance reform messaging.

If you agree that candidates as focal points can be very helpful, please apply the idea at the Congressional level of MAYDAY's overall plan to elect a reform minded Congress by 2016.

Can Congressional candidates be found who would be good focal points?

I don't know, but I have been working on it.

Please read and consider You be a Congressional candidate.

Than tell me what you think.