Thursday, March 19, 2015

MAYDAY's 2015 plan and public mobilization

So in 2015, we’re doing something different. To prove that reform is possible, we need to close the gap on a majority in Congress — both Republicans and Democrats — committed to reforming the system of corruption in Washington, D.C., by changing the way campaigns are funded.
Help us find allies in Congress.
We’re looking for leaders who understand that the way campaigns are funded is broken. You can see which Members have already committed to reform here.
Tell us who you think we could persuade to join us next, and why.
The above suggests approaching Members of Congress singly.

The above suggests that there are Members of Congress who do not understand that the way campaigns are funded is broken.

This is in the context of an ostensible, stark partisan divide about "campaign finance reform," with Democrats ostensibly on the side of "reform" and Republicans ostensibly against "reform." See Soul searching re: Gov't by People Act.

And yet, this is supposed to have nothing to do with Democrats versus Republicans. See November 14, 2014 Forbes magazine article Lawrence Lessig Shows That Today's Political Struggle Has Nothing To Do With Democrats Vs. Republicans. The article states:
The mortal struggle at hand today is not between the right and the left. It is not between Republicans and Democrats. It is not between the Congress and the president. It is between us (currently outsiders to our own government) voters and the Washington Insiders.
How will approaching Members of Congress singly work in the aforesaid environment of ostensible stark partisan divide, where it is supposed to be really about outside voters versus Washington Insiders?

How will it work particularly in light of the Republicans taking control of Congress in the 2014 elections?

Is there going to quiet, behind the scenes, persuasion of some additional Members of Congress that "reform" is not really Democrats versus Republicans, it is really about outside voters versus Washington Insiders, and you can quietly be part of a triumph for the American people that gets their Republic back for them with their barely knowing of the feat?

What about "massive public mobilization? Can the 2015 plan happen without that? See Where's our massive public mobilization?

Some clarification on this could be helpful.

I believe "public mobilization" should be sought. The question is how can it be fomented. MAYDAY has money to spend. Maybe MAYDAY agrees with me and MAYDAY has ideas for how to spend some money to get some public mobilization in 2015. For that, we will have to wait and see.
Can the "tweet to defeat" tweeting campaigns I am advocating (see I tweet to defeat the money monster) contribute to public mobilization? 
Here is what I am currently trying in Alabama. I am tweeting links to this: Scrutinizing Alabama's legislative delegation. Yesterday I got about 140 page views of the link. Do you think if I keep on the path I have started with this tweeting, I will be able to increase the public attention to the subject in Alabama and begin to get public mobilization?

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