Friday, March 27, 2015

Report on #TweetToDefeatMoney

I am still trying to get organization of I tweet to defeat the money monster going.

Thus far, there is minimal or no expression of support for #TweetToDefeatMoney by MAYDAY.US, MoveToAmend, Represent.Us, WolfPACStamp Stampede, NHRebellion and TakeBackOurRepublic.

I continue to interpret retweets and favorites of my tweets by those in the "grassroots" as encouraging of #TweetToDefeatMoney.

More urging by the grassroots to the organizations to get behind #TweetToDefeatMoney would be helpful. See #TweetToDefeatMoney, Tweet Sheet 1.

Please pardon if I continue to tweet directly to those who have retweeted and favorited me. I do that to try to keep #TweetToDefeatMoney alive.

If  #TweetToDefeatMoney does not pick up more support, at some point it will need to be killed.

In the meantime, please bear with me.

Thank you.

Update: No luck from the below tweets sent this morning:

Update 3/28: I tried again this morning with the below tweets:

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