Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Update for reweeters, etc.

My effort to get tweeting campaigns going is described at Tweet to defeat the money monster and How to tweet to defeat the money monster.

I have had many retweets and favorites by followers of MAYDAY.USMoveToAmendRepresent.UsWolfPac, and Stamp Stampede.

The key to this is to get organizational help and promotion of tweeting campaigns by these organizations (and of other organizations as well).

I am trying to get the attention of organizations to do  this. I have not yet achieved satisfactory success.

To those who have retweeted me or favorited me and who want something to happen, I urge you to communicate to your organization that you think they should provide organizational help and promotion of tweeting campaigns to be carried on by their supporters.


  1. Honestly I'm not surprised at the lack of success you've had with Twitter. Twitter simply isn't a great place to express ideas. If you want to make a change I think that you should take to YouTube and use your Twitter following to promote your channel. You'd be surprised at just how far YouTube gets people when it comes to spreading ideas.