Sunday, May 24, 2015

How do you build a movement?

During the past few days, I have been tweeting about frustration with MAYDAY's congressional calling campaign, and suggesting that an impediment is MAYDAY's unwillingness to confront, decide and state expressly on its website what limitations there are on MAYDAY's efforts in 2015 by reason of the Federal campaign finance "coordination" rules. (See MAYDAY and the "coordination" rules.)

Two reply tweets I received used the word "movement." One of the reply tweets said "MAYDAY's a movement & not a campaign [I had used word 'campaign']." Professor Lessig was included as a recipient of this reply tweet, and he did a retweet of the reply tweet. 

A second reply tweet said, "MAYDAY's grass roots movement is to stop big dark money from controlling our government. Your point confounds."

OK, let's discuss, "How do you build a movement?"

I have been trying arduously to contribute to "building a movement."

Please take a look at my blog entry To campaign finance reform organizations and click through some of the links set forth there. I think the same shows hard work by myself in trying to contribute to "building a movement."

For my hard work, I got no response from MAYDAY. See Report on #TweetToDefeatMoney.

What is the explanation for this?

I was prepared to chalk it up to the limitations on MAYDAY by reason of the "coordination" rules (per my discussion at MAYDAY and the "coordination" rules).

If that, in the words of the second reply tweet, "confounds" regarding "MAYDAY's grass roots movement . . . to stop big dark money from controlling our government," then I am confounded.

How can MAYDAY be so unresponsive to my I tweet to defeat the money monster efforts, as well as to other things I have been trying to do to help build a movement?

Please tell me.

Update 5/26 

See Do you agree with the MAYDAY Team?

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  1. There are no concrete actions presently. A Tweet results in nothing because 1. We have no email list of Activists. 2. We need a bulletin board to write Petitions and vote on which ones to advance,