Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spreading MAYDAY via Twitter

Your comments and suggestions are solicited about the use of Twitter to spread MAYDAY's name and message.

I am particularly interested in your views on the massive sending of unsolicited directed tweets to large numbers of Twitter users whom one does not know.

In the past year I have sent more than 25,000 tweets. Many of them have been sent by using Twitter follower lists, and sending the same tweet message to scores or hundreds of followers appearing on a Twitter follower list. In doing this, I have used many different follower lists. Also, I have been using hashtags and sending directed tweets to persons who tweet using a hashtag.

For months, I have been urging other campaign finance reformers to send tweets in the same way as I have been doing.

You can find recent examples of my tweeting described in my preceding blog entry How is the MAYDAY rally going?

If you are a MAYDAYer or other campaign finance reformer, what do you think of how the cause and the message you espouse are getting spread on Twitter if people are limiting themselves to tweets and retweets that are going only to their Twitter followers?

I acknowledge there is some spreading effect of tweets and retweets going to people's followers, but it seems slow and limited compared to massive direct tweeting to people who are not one's own followers.

I do not know of any other campaign finance reformers who have been sending tweets in the way I have been doing the past year.

I think if other campaign finance reformers started sending tweets the way I have been doing, there could be meaningful expansion of getting the cause and message out to the public.

What do you think?


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