Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MAYDAY and "coordination" rules

There is frustration with MAYDAY's congressional calling campaign. See I'm frustrated and confused. Are we too lazy to reform government?

I suggest that an impediment is MAYDAY's unwillingness to confront, decide and state expressly on its website what limitations there are on MAYDAY's efforts in 2015 by reason of the Federal campaign finance "coordination" rules.

The reason I say this is that such unwillingness is keeping people from knowing about efforts being made by persons who are or may become Congressional candidates themselves, and people are further unaware that MAYDAY is not encouraging the efforts of these persons, even though these persons can contribute much more than average to MAYDAY's cause.

If people were informed about the foregoing, they could be more encouraged about MAYDAY's objectives, than is manifested by the above I'm frustrated and confused. Are we too lazy to reform government? topic appearing on the Reddit.

Update 5/21

For current examples and information about efforts I am making that MAYDAY has not been encouraging about (presumably because of the "coordination" rules), see Spreading MAYDAY via Twitter and How is the MAYDAY rally going?

I believe, until MAYDAY decides and informs people what limitations there are on MAYDAY's actions by reason of the "coordination" rules, people will be ignorant or have distorted views about what MAYDAY is and is not doing in its campaign and whether there are things that need to be done outside of MAYDAY (because of the limitations on MAYDAY).

Update 5/22

I had this tweet interchange today:

Professor Lessig retweeted Anna Brock's tweet, which I interpret as Professor Lessig adapting her tweet as his response as well to what I said in my tweet (including the link).

I am not sure how the response tweet should be interpreted.

As to whether a "movement" or a "campaign" is involved, Professor Lessig's email announcing the plan for 2015 said, "We are going to rally the most effective, targeted citizen lobbying campaign  [emphasis supplied] we can to close the gap on reform."

I don't think MAYDAY supporters have been well informed about the limitations on MAYDAY's conduct of its campaign growing out of the campaign finance "coordination" rules.

Perhaps MAYDAY does not think the limitations are of practical significance, and further thinks such limitations are so insignificant that MAYDAY supporters don't need to know what the limitations are, and MAYDAY need not say on its website (all as MAYDAY is interpreting the "coordination" rules for itself).

The starting limitation seems to be that Congressional candidates may not post on the MAYDAY social media or are subject to censoring by MAYDAY without supporters being informed about the censoring that is going on.

The foregoing leads to MAYDAY supporters being restricted in getting information about what Congressional candidates are doing and advocating to advance MAYDAY's objective, and about what MAYDAY internally thinks about the same, including whether or not MAYDAY believes particular actions or advocacy to be beneficial, or not, and should be encouraged and supported, or not. MAYDAY's silence on such matters is subject to misinterpretation by supporters, very likely in a negative way that MAYDAY's silence is to be interpreted as MAYDAY disapproving of particular actions or advocacy.

Let me give an example. There was a post have you called Congress yet? why not? three days ago on the Reddit. The post indicates that there was 1 comment, but that comment is not there now. The comment was by me, and it indicated the tweeting I had been doing to solicit Congressional calling by using the hashtags  #readyforbernie and  #StampStampede, as is described in How is the MAYDAY rally going?

The comment was deleted by MAYDAY, and the deletion restricted supporters from learning about the tweeting I was doing, and from forming their own views about the type of tweeting I was doing, and deciding to do it themselves, or not.

Equally significant is that MAYDAY supporters are deprived of knowing what MAYDAY thinks about the tweeting I am doing.

MAYDAY supporters can decide for themselves whether they think any of the above is important for them to know, and whether they are being restricted in learning about the same.

Update 5/24

See How do you build a movement?

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  1. Ppl have lost faith & trust in systems, govt, tech, conflict, double talk. Just posting this comment can be a tech fear of something crashing or conflicting. Too many addresses, sign ins, fragmented tech going everywhere no where. It's a number of things. Plus, Idk ppl Want govt running them without them. It's to SLOW. We're excluded. We're divided. We don't know each other anymore. We need modernization, open the doors & connections have value. Rep needs to REP us not egos over each other with a few good intended ppl. It's to big to know how to take on for most ppl.
    Systems connecting in, flowing, including ppl makes sense. Seeing is believing on a # of levels.
    Get the Money Out that's between ppl, OBV.