Friday, April 17, 2015

Help MAYDAY's Congressional calling campaign

[Update 4/22: I am going to try again with the CFR organizations. It would seem so easy for them to tweet to their followers to let their followers know about MAYDAY's Congressional calling campaign, in case some would like to pitch in. Maybe the reason the organizations won't do this is they don't believe it would do one iota of good for MAYDAY and their own mission. Maybe the organizations believe that any good for MAYDAY would be offset by an undesirable distraction of their followers away from their particular CFR's activities. I don't know. It just seems worth another try with them.]

To organizations and others out there who have grassroots action experience:

MAYDAY is trying to start a Congressional calling campaign in order to put members of Congress on "notice" and get on the "right side" of reform. A discussion of this is taking place on the MAYDAY Reddit at

Can you organizations and others make suggestions for MAYDAY getting its Congressional calling campaign going?

Concerning grassroots action such as the calling campaign, I have asked the question of how important is it that there be a "social" aspect.

I gave as an example, the #RepDay15 of Represent.Us on Wednesday. Groups of people around the country got out with signs. The groups had a physical "social" aspect, which I think people like very much. The "socializing" was buttressed by sharing on Twitter. See

Another example of the attraction of physical "socializing" seemed to me the NHRebellion walks.

I don't think the "social" dimension must be physical, in person "socializing" in order to attract grassroots participation, but I think MAYDAY should give much thought to how to create a "social" dimension to the Congressional calling campaign MAYDAY wants to carry out.

Can you organizations and others who have grassroots action experience.offer any ideas to MAYDAY for its Congressional calling campaign?

I hope you do.

Update 4/18

Yesterday, I sent the below tweets to organizations

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