Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tweeting launch of stage two

I am tweeting locally the following tweet message and link:
25 days to launch of stage two of MAYDAY's plan to build a government of, by and for the people. https://mayday.us/
If MAYDAY.US is registering a lot of page views from my Birmingham, AL geographical area, perhaps that could be reported in order to provide information about whether the foregoing tweet message is achieving a good effect.

Update 2/18
For more than six months, I have been spamming on Twitter (taking as the definition of "spamming" the sending of unsolicited tweets). I have tried to get interpretation and guidance from Twitter about their terms of service, but Twitter never replied to my questions. See Spamming on Twitter. I have no problem with sending unsolicited tweets and believe they should be used in trying to advance MAYDAY's plan. I have inquired of the MAYDAY leadership about their views, but have not had a response yet. I think MAYDAY supporters should determine what they think and pass on their views to MAYDAY.

Update 2/20
There have been 334 page views of this page. Inquiry has been made of MAYDAY whether it could provide an organizing structure for a national tweeting campaign to announce the launch of stage two of MAYDAY's plan. A few MAYDAY followers have indicated interest in doing tweeting.

Update 2/21
There have now been 553 page views of this page. It does not appear that the national MAYDAY Team is interested in a tweeting campaign about the launch of phase two. I will be more than happy to work with other MAYDAY supporters who are interested in doing organized tweeting about the launch. Please let me know of anyone who wants to do this.

Update 2/23
There have now been 882 page views of this page.

Caveat 2/24
I am not on the MAYDAY staff, and the tweeting I am doing is my personal tweeting and should not be attributed to MAYDAY or the MAYDAY staff. MAYDAY has indicated there is going to be "grassroots work" for supporters to do when stage two is launched, but I don't know any details of grassroots work that MAYDAY will want supporters to do. In particular, I don't know what MAYDAY will say, if anything, about supporters sending unsolicited tweets or unsolicited emails ("spam") as part of their grassroots work. As to the national tweeting campaign I have suggested here, MAYDAY has not approved or disapproved of the same, and MAYDAY supporters should govern themselves on the matter as they individually see fit under the circumstances.

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